Adorable Husky Mom Plays With Her Pups In The Most Fun Way

When we talk about having a pet, then having a dog is probably would be your choice. You know that feeling when you have a dog that always give you comfort and happiness. Though it’s been a cliché to hear that dogs are “Man’s Best Friend” but it’s really the fact, they are really the best pet companion a human can have.

In this adorable video uploaded by YouTube Channel Cute and Funny Animal Videos, a husky momma-dog plays with her pups. She playfully leaps on and off the couch, spins around and runs in and out of the room, goading her young brood to give chase. She makes as if she were going to attack them, and has a delightful back and forth with her puppies that is bound to put a smile on your face. Watch the video below.

It’s more than just a video of dogs playing. Just like a human, mama dog is teaching her pups important socialization skills. What do you think? Share us your thoughts about this one.

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