Try Not To Tremble Watching The Descent On These Slides

There is this amusement park called “Wild Waves” built in the city of Federal Way, State of Washington. And I just don’t know if this is really an amusement or not. Well, by just watching this video below, among the normal water slides that are available in this site, there is also one that will … Read more

Goosebumps Alert: Colorado Skateboard Run At Over 100 Kph

There are those people who acquire some unbelievable and amazing skills and capabilities, and they use them to devote themselves to the so-called extreme sports. This video below is going to show you and incredible downhill run located in Colorado and sees as the protagonists, Zak Maytum, who takes this run from start to finish … Read more

Know How: Genius 7 Ways to Get Rid of Ants

If you find yourself stuck in nature having a picnic, instead of using chemical pesticides that destroy the environment and harm innocent victims, follow our advice! For example, to prevent ants from reaching the surface of the table on which you are eating, place the table legs inside four separate containers filled with water. This way the ants … Read more