Author: Hugh Clement

This Child Came Up The Stage, What He Did Next Will Touch Your Heart

The unpredictable actions of children towards us sometimes gives us that unexplainable emotion! This is what Coffey Anderson felt when his 17-month old son ran on stage during his performance, just to give him a loving hug! After expressing his affection, the little boy launched in a series of dance moves and enthusiastic capering on […]

Cooking Ice Cream Sticks — The Result Is A Fashion Accessory!

If you want some recycling thing, then probably this video below is something you’ve been looking for. Start collecting ice cream sticks now! Not everyone knows that by keeping ice cream sticks and boiling them in wate for 30 minutes they can make something unique and beautiful. Keep ice cream sticks in boiling water for […]

Who Ate All The Biscuits? — The Complicity Of These Dogs Will Crack You Up!

It is very impossible for dogs to stay out of trouble! In fact, getting into trouble is part of their daily life, and is actually a way for them to get their owner’s attention especially if they think that they are not receiving enough. Consequently, when there are two of them, then hilarious things are […]

This Might Be The Funniest And Weirdest Game Ever!

When talking about Japanese, well the word “weird” always define them. And when talking abut Japanese and weird, then probably their game shows are the weirdest game shows in the whole wide world, just like this one in the video below that you are about to watch. Are you familiar with the game “Pass the […]

Here Is A Simple Cake Decoration Technique That Results To A Spectacular Output!

Already given up trying to make a unique and beautiful cake design? Well, I understand if you are lack of experience or even lack in baking or decorating skills. Worry no more because in this video below, we want to boost your morale with this cake decoration tutorial. In this video below, it shows that […]

Learn How To Make Zucchini Pizza Bites | Recipe 101

If you are looking for something new, delicious and exciting to eat, then you are at the right place because this video below is something that you will surely like. Expand your knowledge about different recipes and dishes with this ultimate recipe! Today we give you a very special one to add to your cookbook. […]

Color Squares On A Sheet Of Paper And Create This Very Amazing Work Of Art

If ever that you haven’t experience to venture into the realms of design and drawing when you were at school, and you think that art is the worse subject, well then console yourself! With theseĀ ideas created by this video maker/designer, you can take advantage of the “pixel technique” to create drawings that are fun and […]

This Is How To Effectively Get Rid Of Stubborn Underarm Stains

It is really unpleasant to wear while clothes especially during summer months, which give you an extra touch of light and brightness to our life. Unluckily, it happens to as all most of the time, due to sweating, such as under the arms, which becomes irremediably stained and lose the whiteness. And not too familiar […]

23 Girls Holding Fans Come On Stage. What They Did Is Truly Mesmerizing!

The world doesn’t stop to create new trends and new kinds of entertainment, but still the old traditions continue to maintain their charms and an attractiveness that is hard to match. Being well-aware of this, the twenty-three members of the dance ensemble called Jasmine which is part of the MorningStar Academy Dance Group of Atlanta,Georgia […]

He Received The Golden Buzzer on America’s Got Talent – The Reason Why? UNEXPECTED!

20-year-old, Sal Valentinetti, from an Italian descent from New York who works in a pizzeria, has always been fascinated by the “old school” music of Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra. In fact, he chose to sing the song “May Way” to present himself at the America’s Got Talent audition. He has a very charismatic and […]

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