Adorable Husky Mom Plays With Her Pups In The Most Fun Way

When we talk about having a pet, then having a dog is probably would be your choice. You know that feeling when you have a dog that always give you comfort and happiness. Though it’s been a cliché to hear that dogs are “Man’s Best Friend” but it’s really the fact, they are really the […]

Watch How This Sweet Dog Teaches Baby To Crawl

Before we learn things of life, we learn the basics of learning- how to talk, walk, crawl and everything; and the only person who teaches us these things are our dear parents. Without them, we can’t be able to do things on our own. Aside from parents, there are creatures that are willing to teach […]

What This Derpy-Looking Shih Tzu Can Do Is Seriously Genius, Smarter Than Your Baby

Dogs are man’s best friend who is deeply loyal to their human no matter what. They can be someone whoever you want them to be- a listener, a friend, and a guide. Once you start to love them, they love you back unconditionally and will do everything for you. But some dogs, however, are more […]

22 Awesome Facts About Dogs That Will Certainly Make You Smile

Ever wonder why dogs are called ‘man’s best friend’? Well, certainly because they’re great stimuli to brighten our day, they love us more than anything and they’ll do everything to make us safe. But reasons can be more than you’re expected. There are certain facts about our pooch that we don’t know yet and might […]

If Your Dog Can Talk, Here’s What They’ll Ridiculously Say To You

Imagine what life would be if animals can easily put their thoughts to words. Will you still be amazed? Or would you stop their mouth from talking and even mentioning words? Will they have something to confess that you will be afraid of? If you happen to think of these things, don’t worry. Here are […]

Watch How This Adorable Doggy Catch Bubbles In Slow Motion

It is really nice to play with animals because they often do great and amusing things that make us smile, and that is the reason why most of us are adopting some of them at home. One of the most chosen pets are the dogs, they can really be our best buddies in life. If […]

This Little Girl Has A Priceless Reaction After Receiving Her New Puppy

We all love being surprised by our love ones especially once the present is really our favorite; we often experience this when we were kids. Do you still remember what is the best surprise gift you’ve ever receive when you were a little? How did you react after receiving it? If you love seeing the […]

This Adorable Maltese Doesn’t Like The Vacuum Cleaner

Dogs are one of the most chosen animals to be our pets at home, not just because they are smart but they can also do things that would often make us laugh and smile. Are you a kind of person who loves dogs and planning to have your own someday? Watch this video because it […]

17 Reasons Why You Should Be Thankful For Your Dog

There’s no doubt when you hear the quote saying “a dog is a man’s best friend.” It’s perfectly true, because unlike anyone surrounding you, they’ll love you no matter what. It’s them who put a smile on your face when you’re feeling blue and lonely, and when you have all the happiness in the world […]

This Cute Puppy Reacted Weird When He Saw His Owner Wearing A Facial Mask

Animals are truly funny once they are doing something crazy, they’ll surely put smile on our face once we are having a bad day. If you are a pet lover, you’ve probably done a lot of funny stuff together with your animals at home. Are you fun of watching cute animal videos online? If you […]

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