LOOK: 41 Celebrities Who Own Luxurious Yachts, Jets That Come With Jaw-Dropping Prices

41 Celebrities and Their Private Jets or Yachts

Most celebrities are the people who work day and night that is why there is no doubt if they can buy themselves expensive things such as a mansion, the most expensive car, or even jets and yachts.

Do you know that there are actually lots of famous people who actually own a private jet or a yacht that comes with a jaw-dropping price? Based on a feature report in Weight Loss Groove, there are at least 41 celebrities who have their own private jets or yachts. Here they are:

1. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie who has her own pilot license owns a luxury jet – the Cirrus SR22 plane. The said vehicle which is most likely desired by the Hollywood actress to avoid the traffic jam or for her amusement has an estimated cost of $650 thousand.

Angelina Jolie
Photo lifted from Weight Loss Groove

2.  Arnold Schwarzenegger

Based on the article, Arnold Schwarzenegger owns a Gulfstream III which has an estimated cost of $35 million. The actor-politician utilized it in transporting from his house in Los Angeles to Sacramento.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Photo lifted from Weight Loss Groove

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