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18 Celebrities’ Weight Loss Transformation

CELEBRITIES – Many people, even celebrities, are faced with weight that make it uncomfortable for them to see the digits on the scale after stepping on it.

It is an undeniable fact that many of us wanted a slimmer and more fit figure. However, we tend to forget about that desire when we are faced with delicious foods and fine drinks. That goes the same with many famous personalities.

Yet, do you know that there are some of them who really disciplined themselves well and were able to achieve jaw-dropping weight loss transformations? Based on a feature article in Memebrity, there are 18 celebrities who dropped their extra pounds. Here they are:

1.  Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin
Photo lifted from Memebrity

Alec Baldwin was earlier diagnosed as a pre-diabetic based on the article. He dived into a great battle as he gave up sugar. After four months of a healthy lifestyle including yoga, he lost 30 pounds.

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