This Mom Is Just So Exciting Knowing That She’ll Be A GrandMa To A Twin – Just Lovely

Many parents are just excited knowing that they will be a grandma or a grandpa. Having new members in the family really brings joy to the family. This is what a mom from Cohoes, NY experienced as she received a news about her daughter-in-law’s pregnancy. The moment she received the news that she will become […]

How Do You Manage A Class With So Much Twins? Interesting.

You might find yourself being surprised when the kid you just say the moment you are about to turn left at the corridor will be the same kid you will be seeing next, again. You may think about the duple ganger or anything else. But in this school, it is pretty normal for any person […]

Newborn Twins Meet For The First Time And It’s So Heartwarming To Watch

There’s no comparison to the thing called ‘family’. The tie that binds within is unbreakable and each shares a secret bond anyone doesn’t know of. You can always tell if something is wrong within a family and that’s how we deeply know each other aside from strangers. It is believed that twins, aside from other […]

These Twins Grew Up On Different Continents, And Through Social Media, They Reunite 25 Years Later

Being away from a family member is difficult especially when both of you know that you only have each other. But how about not seeing them after so many years? 25 years to be exact and you don’t have any idea that you’re both twins? That is the story of these 27-year-olds identical twins Anaïs […]

This Little Boy Was Confused When Meeting Twins For The First Time

Babies don’t think as much as we adults do that’s why they are often confused and curious with the things around them. Well, it’s part of their childhood development and everyone, especially parents should understand it. This little boy named baby Landon was really confused when he met twin sisters, who wear the same clothes, […]

2 Cute Babies Share For A Single Pacifier

Babies are really so cute. At times, even if they are so naughty, we can’t take to get angry for them. After all, their cuteness will be all enough to take your anger away. But do you know how babies fight? Do you know how they get angry on the things that is theirs which […]

These Adorable Twins Are Having A Living Room Dance Party. But This Little Boy Is Such A Spotlight Stealer.

Babies or toddlers don’t need to exert effort just to amuse or make us smile because their simple gestures could simply brighten our day. Even though they don’t sing or dance well, the still look adorable like these little kids. These fraternal twins just got the perfect time to enjoy through having a dance party […]

This Dad Find Some Trouble Preparing Breakfast.. The Reason Might Make You LOL. So Cute!

If being a parent of a single child is hard- you NEED to be more patient no matter how irritated and tired you feel. How about having twins? No question, it’s more difficult. The fun and cuteness may be 2 times, but the trouble increases. That is what this Dad feels, like most parents with […]

Do You Agree That Having 2 Babies In The Family Is Not That Easy! Especially If They Are Twins!!

It is really nice to have babies at home because it is so much fun to play with them, especially when you see those adorable babies smiling. Parents do really love to play with their babies since they have been waited for a long time to have babies. But is taking care of a baby […]

Whether You Believe It or Not, These 10 Amazing Facts About Twins will Make You Say Wow!

Based on the survey conducted by National Center for Health Statistics for the year 2012, the number of twins in the U.S is multiplying which from the year 1980 to 2009, their birthrate rose 76 percent. According to the research, birthrate continues to increase for the fact that women over the age of 30 are […]

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