This Dad Find Some Trouble Preparing Breakfast.. The Reason Might Make You LOL. So Cute!

If being a parent of a single child is hard- you NEED to be more patient no matter how irritated and tired you feel. How about having twins? No question, it’s more difficult. The fun and cuteness may be 2 times, but the trouble increases. That is what this Dad feels, like most parents with twins can attest to. As usual part of the day, if Mom is quite busy with the other things and Dad takes the role of cooking, this happens- kids making some trouble for Dad to have some trouble.

As what you have seen on the video, Daddy got a thing to worry- both of what time he’ll finish cooking and how to stop his twins disturbing him. It’s no wonder, having twins isn’t that easy (if you think it is)- it’s tiring and certainly need more of your effort. But at the end of the day, you’re blessed to be a parent.

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