This Little Boy Was Confused When Meeting Twins For The First Time

Babies don’t think as much as we adults do that’s why they are often confused and curious with the things around them. Well, it’s part of their childhood development and everyone, especially parents should understand it.

This little boy named baby Landon was really confused when he met twin sisters, who wear the same clothes, for the first time. While sitting between them, he moves his head in left and right movement like he does not know what is going on. ┬áLandon’s adult friends were amused by his reaction as they were heard laughing in the background. Watch the adorable video uploaded by Rumble Viral below.

Poor Landon. If only he knew that there are two people who have the same physical features, he would not react that way to what he have seen. Anyway, he would still learn about it when he grow up.

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