These Twins Grew Up On Different Continents, And Through Social Media, They Reunite 25 Years Later

Being away from a family member is difficult especially when both of you know that you only have each other. But how about not seeing them after so many years? 25 years to be exact and you don’t have any idea that you’re both twins? That is the story of these 27-year-olds identical twins Anaïs Bordier and Samantha Futherman, who grew up on two different continents and knows nothing about the existence of the other.

For 25 years, the two lived differently; Anaïs was adopted by a French family while Samantha was taken good care by an American family. The two was successful on their life endeavors as Anaïs was a designer and Samantha was an actress. But their lives changed when Anaïs found out about a woman who exactly looks like her, and because of being so curious, she message her on Facebook. Here’s their heartwarming story:

After several conversations over the Social Medias, meeting each other in London for the first, and taking the DNA test, the two soon realized that they are indeed twin sisters. It was a very heartwarming story of the twin, proved how much destiny can change lives forever. The story of Anaïs and Samantha will be featured in a movie entitled Twinsters that was also directed by Samantha Futerman.

Well, this reunion can never be possible without the social media, so thank you for making this miracle. Are you touched by these twins’ story? Share this with your friends online too and cheer them up like you always do!

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