Author: Bell Ruiz

She Did An Amazing Cover Of Miley Cyrus’ “When I Look At You”

The first time we faced and performs in front of the crowd, we can’t deny that the first thing we feel will be nervous. Somehow, that’s just a normal feeling. Sooner or later and as the performance goes through, the feeling will somehow change. After which, you will then be able to show to people […]

His Son Wanted A Hippopotamus For Christmas So He Gave It

We all want to receive something special on Christmas, a gift for instance. Somehow, we know that it’s just the only time of the year when we can wish and expect for that something that we really want to be ours. Are you like that that too? But then, it doesn’t mean that you can […]

This Man Amazingly Learned How To Dance Over Skype

There would be that certain time when we will really do whatever it takes just to accomplish and achieve something that we really wanted to. As such, even if it’s really impossible, we are still willing to risk for it. Somehow, we will really prove to the world that nothing is impossible. Are you like […]

This How You Can Cook Your Steak Even Better

We all want to eat steak. But then, we can’t somehow deny the fact that cooking it really takes effort and patience. At times, no matter how careful you’ve been, you can’t still perfect it. As such, for all the steaks you’ve prepared, can you count or identify the best steak you’ve ever had? Well, […]

This Dog Hilariously Struggled For The Ownership Of His Bed

We really have that attitude when we don’t want others to get what is ours. As such, that’s not being greedy, that’s just something as ownership. Will you agree with that? Somehow, all of us have that attitude. Of course, you would not want that the thing you owned will go to someone without even asking […]

Here’s How You Can Make Your Own Christmas Pancakes At Home

There had already been lots of pancakes design that was shown and uploaded on YouTube. As such, all of it tells and shows you on how you can do certain pancakes designs that will really make your kids love it. Also, it will add excitement and fun to your eating time. Will you agree with […]

This Man Will Show You How He Cleans His Messy Room In The Fastest Possible Way

We all want to have super powers. That kind of power to make things easier and faster without exerting much effort. Just a single hand movement and then, here it goes, its all over, it’s already finished. Sounds exciting right? But what if that would be real? What would you feel? Well, talking about that […]

Witness The Sweet Latte Love Story All Made From The Latte Art

Adding some design to a certain thing will really make you appreciate it more and get attracted on it. When it comes to food, it’s actually the number one concern of people. Of course, you would really like it if it looks good, right? It’s like there’s really an extra ordinary effort exerted to it when […]

This Is How You’ll Slide Down The Stairs In The Fastest Way

People really tend to do extra ordinary things out of curiosity and to have some fun. As such, while they do it, we can’t deny that they really look so funny and crazy, right? At times, they are also amazing and impressing. And don’t deny, you also want to try it to prove if you […]

This Is How Hungry Fishes Eat

We really can’t deny the fact that when we’re hungry, we can’t already choose what food we want. Instead, we will just eat whatever food being served to us just to fill our stomach. And of course, the way we eat is not like the usual way, it’s really like we want to make fast […]

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