A Car Is Bogged Down In A Mud — But How It Manages To Get Out? Incredible!

If you get off the road, the real concern and the danger of getting stuck in a terrain increase exponentially. But did you know that there is one device that can lend you a great help? Yes, and it is called the “Bush Winch” and it is an advance vehicle recovery system, for 4wd and […]

This Might Happen To You If You Won’t Park In The Proper Area – Lesson Learned

People in our world just need to be disciplined in order to be behave properly. But, there will always be people who just don’t know what how to do it. In the streets, drivers are expected to park in proper places for others to have a place as well. In Brazil, a man parked his […]

Naughty Dude Offers A Dinner To Her Mother, What Happened Next On Their Way Will Leave You Speechless

Being a parent is such a wonderful opportunity to see your child grow from day one. Parents will just do anything just to provide the needs of his children. But, children sometimes have that naughtiness that give headaches to parents. Well, it’s really a part of being a parent. A video shared by VitalyzdTv on […]

While The Other Two Are Discussing, This Man Did Something That Surprised Them.

It was a fine day, just a usual one but, not until these guys were caught amazed on this incredible footage. While the other two were discussing something on this sidewalk, the other man seem to have a problem with the way he parked his car. Trying and thinking on how he could get his […]

Jaw-Dropping: Unbelievable Balancing Of A Vehicle While Changing Tires Of The Other Side In Saudi – Watch This Now…

The technology that we have today is such in a very fast pace. Even the modes of transportation have improved a lot because of innovation of engineers, researchers and companies who want to take transportation to a new level. Now, we have hi-powered vehicles that are available for consumers. Driving a car or a van […]

This Heartwarming Ad Entitled ‘Making Memories’ Will Make You Realize How Great A Father’s Love Is

What it feels like to be a ‘father’? Does giving your kids something to eat and wear enough or still lacking? On this Father’s Day, how would you express your gratitude to the ultimate man who loves you more than anything? And as a father, what will be your greatest gift to your child? This […]

Ellen DeGeneres Gives The Biggest Surprise For This Woman And Her Husband’s 10th Wedding Anniversary

Distance cannot hinder two people in love. No matter what the distance is, if there’s greater love between the two, everything seems easy to take, causing the relationship to lasts even longer that nobody could ever compare. That is the story of love between Mr. and Mrs. Chris Banford who is married for 10 years […]

This What Happens When You Ride The Dune Buggy Wheelies At Little Sahara

There are a lot of things that we really enjoyed of doing especially once we are with our friends, there are a lot of crazy and funny things that we would remember of doing once we are with them. Some guys are addicted in doing insane activities using great vehicles and this becomes their addiction. […]

This Truck Couldn’t Handle The Slippery Conditions

There are a lot of unexpected things that may happen once we are driving down the road, and that is the reason why really need to look around and be careful once we are driving. Are you one of the guys who love watching some insane footage taken on the road? If you are, here […]

Boy Bought A Porsche For Only 15 Dollars

Car is one of the greatest dreams by most of the people especially guys, they plan a lot of things to achieve having a luxurious vehicle someday. It is really nice to have a supercar; you’ll get the attention of many drivers once you’re driving down the road. Are you one of the guys who […]

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