Ellen DeGeneres Gives The Biggest Surprise For This Woman And Her Husband’s 10th Wedding Anniversary

Distance cannot hinder two people in love. No matter what the distance is, if there’s greater love between the two, everything seems easy to take, causing the relationship to lasts even longer that nobody could ever compare.

That is the story of love between Mr. and Mrs. Chris Banford who is married for 10 years already while Chris was away for his duty as an Army National Guard officer. They are a big fan of Ellen DeGeneres show and Chris’s wife Mary came to the program, Ellen DeGeneres receives a call that made her surprised so much.

Supposedly, Chris won’t be with her wife Mary for their 10th wedding anniversary but he has surprised her along with Ellen’s gift to them- a brand new car which will be her way to see his loving husband on duty. This video proves how love conquers everything.. so heartwarming.

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