This Heartwarming Ad Entitled ‘Making Memories’ Will Make You Realize How Great A Father’s Love Is

What it feels like to be a ‘father’? Does giving your kids something to eat and wear enough or still lacking? On this Father’s Day, how would you express your gratitude to the ultimate man who loves you more than anything? And as a father, what will be your greatest gift to your child?

This clip you’re about to watch is an advertisement from car company Subaru flaunts a story of a Father cleaning things from his car forgotten by her daughter. As he pulls out things from the car, he remembers a vision of his small daughter running to the car after her first day of school up until her first high school dance. Watch the video and see for yourself:

As he collects all the things he found in the car, he put them into the trunk of another car and passes the keys to his daughter and sends her off into the world. A father’s love to his child is amazing and the memories they shared are the evidence. If you’re sitting next to your Dad this time, hug him. Happy Father’s Day.

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