Boy Bought A Porsche For Only 15 Dollars

Car is one of the greatest dreams by most of the people especially guys, they plan a lot of things to achieve having a luxurious vehicle someday. It is really nice to have a supercar; you’ll get the attention of many drivers once you’re driving down the road. Are you one of the guys who want to have an incredible car someday?

If you are, here is a 5 part story of a boy who comes home with a new Porsche. His parents were truly surprised how he bought this supercar; you need to check this out.

1. New Porsche

2. Fiteen Dollars Only?

3. It was the lady up the street.

4. Dad will sort it out

5. So it was her husband cheating

This boy is one of the luckiest one ever, what would you do to this car if you were in his position?
(h/t: mobilelikez)

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