Fastest 30: Fastest Cars From Every Brand Sold!

Here are some of the Fastest Model of the vehicle in each brand.  We present to you the  near-comprehensive list of the fastest factory vehicles available from the 30 or so brands doing business in the United States. 1. Fastest Production Cars Lancer Evolution, Mitsubishi. 29. Fastest Production Cars The Mini John Cooper Works 28. Fastest […]

History Holds 15 Cars With Highest Price, #9 Is Peculiar

While some of us are gadget fanatic, there are also some of us who might be fond of cars or more commonly termed as car enthusiasts. Most males are really into cars. Nevertheless, as of the present, females also get to drive the most fierce-looking cars and even trucks as what they call in United […]

This Dog Could Be The Cutest Assistant For A Human Fixing Cars – Adorable…

Dogs are considered the man’s bestfriend. They are widely known for their loyalty and sweetness. Also, dogs can easily be trained with some tricks. Do you have a dog at home? It would be so awesome if your dog can help you in your work, isn’t it? This is what a Dachshund is doing for […]

For NBA 2k Game-Lovers Out There, This One’s For You…Can’t Wait For The Release Date Of NBA 2k16 Game…

Basketball have been ruling the world of fans around the world. It’s really exciting and entertaining. And because of this trend and by popular demand, the all-new NBA 2k16 going to be released later this year. It’s really an addictive game because of it’s cool graphics, and because you can play other NBA players. But, […]

Guy Pranks Several Drivers That They Left Their Keys On Their Car’s Door And They Ridiculously Believed It

It’s inevitable for us to be forgetful at times. We forget to turn off our television, to charge our phones, to call somebody, to attend an important meeting and everything that can be forgotten. But that doesn’t mean that we’re too occupied not to be aware of what we’re doing. YouTube pranksters ‘RossCreations’ wanted to […]

This What Happens When You Ride The Dune Buggy Wheelies At Little Sahara

There are a lot of things that we really enjoyed of doing especially once we are with our friends, there are a lot of crazy and funny things that we would remember of doing once we are with them. Some guys are addicted in doing insane activities using great vehicles and this becomes their addiction. […]

Boy Bought A Porsche For Only 15 Dollars

Car is one of the greatest dreams by most of the people especially guys, they plan a lot of things to achieve having a luxurious vehicle someday. It is really nice to have a supercar; you’ll get the attention of many drivers once you’re driving down the road. Are you one of the guys who […]

This Jet Powered Chevy Is Able To Accelerate From 0-60 In 1.5 Seconds

Cars are one of the greatest dreams by men; they plan a lot of things on how to achieve and build their own cars someday. Some genius car engineers built cars with great features that often blow our minds; we never expected the car of our dreams would be invented. If you are one of […]

The First Filipino Supercar “Aurelio” Built And Created By Brendan Aurelio

We all dreamed of having a luxurious car someday because we wanted to get the attention of other car drivers on the road. Are you one of the guys who love knowing a lot of car inventions? If you are, here is a great video that you need to watch. If you are given a […]

Believe It Or Not, This Hand Built Super Car Runs 200 Mph

All of us dreamed of having a luxurious car someday to impress other people, some guys plan and build their own supercars to get the attention of other drivers once riding down the road. Are you one of the guys who love knowing great car inventions? If you are, here is a great hand built […]

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