History Holds 15 Cars With Highest Price, #9 Is Peculiar

While some of us are gadget fanatic, there are also some of us who might be fond of cars or more commonly termed as car enthusiasts. Most males are really into cars. Nevertheless, as of the present, females also get to drive the most fierce-looking cars and even trucks as what they call in United States.

Having a car is indeed something as it is like a buddy that will get you to anywhere you wanted at your own convenience. If you have one, you can avoid delays due to numerous stops just like when you ride in public transportation vehicles.

In the point of fact, cars are useful. From the service it offers, it is also a good investment as it is a tangible thing and you get to use it as well which will make your life easier.

But do you know that there are cars that could really cost much? History holds on these top 15 most expensive cars as posted in Elite Traveler.

1. Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa РIt costs $16,390,000 and a winner of 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1950.


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