Dream About Dead Bodies and Their Interpretations

The different situations when you dream about dead bodies and what they mean.

DREAM ABOUT DEAD BODIES – The different scenarios of this kind of dream and the interpretation of each scenario.

There are different types of dreams. The five types are:

  • Recurring dreams
  • Daydreams
  • False-awakening dreams
  • Lucid dreams
  • Nightmares

One of the most common dreams we tend to have is the one that involves death or dead people. This is the kind that will give us a hard time falling back to sleep and something, it gives us reason to overthink our situations in real life.

Dream About Dead Bodies
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But this kind of dream have different scenarios. There are cases we see a dead body of a stranger in our dream or there are multiple bodies. To shed light on some of these, here are the various meaning based on the scenario.

  1. Dead Body Of Unknown Person
    This could indicate that there’s something wrong in your life and you don’t have control it. You may also have this dream if you have lost confidence in yourself. It could be a hidden message of desire to regain that.
  2. Multiple Bodies
    This dream is a result of having unclear direction in your life. It could represent your desire to be reborn or searching for a new path to walk on. It may also mean that you do not trust other people.
  3. You See One On The Road
    This could mean that you struggle in improving yourself or you are not satisfied with your standing in some things in your life like your work or relationship. It may also signal the end of your troubles or being betrayed by someone close to you in your waking life.
  4. Dead Body Wrapped In White Cloth
    This is bizarre but this is a sign of mental and financial growth. It may also mean increased self-confidence and it foretells that you are a person who is good and never said or done wrong to anyone.
  5. Dead Body in Water
    Just the sound of this is horrible but this is actually a sign of renewal. This is a powerful dream and is something that is wonderful most especially if you have been struggling and suffering from unfavorable situations in the past. If you are seeing floating dead bodies in water, this is a sign to take a break.
  6. Bloody Corpse
    The sound of this is just as bad as its meaning. It could be a sign of turmoil or that there will be trouble or conflict in your home.

There are a lot of common dream symbols and the interpretations differ based on a lot of things. Dreams don’t have logic and most of the time, we forget them easily. But they are harmless. Most of them are random and nonsensical and they are mysterious.

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