Types Of Dreams – What Are These?

Here are the different types of dreams you might want to know.

TYPES OF DREAMS – The thoughts, events, or emotions we have during sleep is a dream and they’re quite odd but here are its different types.

Sigmund Freud, Austrian neurologist and founder of psychoanalysis has considered dreaming as an expression of repressed conflicts or desires. As for modern psychologists and neurologists, through imaging equipment, they speculated that dreaming is a brain activity to dump excess data, consolidate important information, keep us alert in case of danger, and more.

Some of the common dreams we have that occur during sleep are about the following:

Types Of Dream

Dreams may have various subjects in it but it also has several types.

The different types of dreams are:

  1. Recurring dreams
    This is the dream you get over and over again which is caused by recurring behavior patternsĀ that happen before you have the dream. This can also be caused by an ongoing unresolved issue.
  2. Daydreams
    This event happens when some parts of the brain fall asleep and others are awake. This was determined in a 2021 study where it was found that slow brain waves occur in the frontal areas of the brain right before daydreaming. These slow brain waves are similar to those during a deep sleep.
  3. False-awakening dreams
    This happens when you wake up in a familiar place and do the usual routine and later on, you’ll realize that it was just a dream. This type occurs during REM sleep.
  4. Lucid dreams
    This occurs when a dreamer is dreaming and the dreamer is aware that he or she is dreaming. This typically occurs during REM sleep and is “associated with higher levels of physiological activation and increased activity in the frontal and frontolateral regions of the brain” according to Dan Ford, a sleep psychologist.
  5. Nightmares
    These dreams are scary and frightening and involve negative emotions. The most common nightmares in men are falling, being chased, and being attacked. For women, the most common ones are being chased, falling, losing teeth, being attacked, andĀ ending a relationship.

We don’t usually remember most of our dreams but the details are sure strange and mind-altering.

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