Chinese New Year/New Year’s Eve Bad Luck Foods

Whether it is the New Year’s Eve celebration or Chinese New Year, these foods are considered bad luck

Certain beliefs and traditions are being practiced during the Chinese New Year and the celebration of New Year’s Eve around the world, and one essential thing is food.

Just like many different celebrations, the New Year – celebration also features different mouthwatering dishes. Some foods are considered a tradition or standard during this celebration while some are created through innovation.

However, in the history of this celebration, some foods are considered bad luck, and here are some of them, based on the article in Mental Floss.

chinese new year bad luck foods

Catfish – This fish and other other bottom-dwellers are avoided by superstitious people during this holiday. They believe that by including this in your meal, you may be condemning yourself to a full year of subsisting on scraps.

Hollow bread – People believe that this brings bad luck because the empty pockets symbolize coffins and can mean death in the year to come.

Lobster – This, and also crab, is considered bad luck because crustaceans can walk backward or sideways. It is believed that eating one may prevent you from moving forward in the new year.

Chicken – For some people winged fowl like chicken is not a must in your New Year menu. They believe that it can mean that whatever good fortune you had in store will “fly away.”

chinese new year bad luck foods 1

Tofu – Specifically, for the Chinese New Year celebration tofu is not allowed to be prepared. White is associated with death in the Chinese culture. They also avoid preparing rice, eggs, and other white foods should be avoided on the holiday

Beef – For superstitious people, eating beef or cow meat could mean that you will suffer from a year of stagnation. It is because cows often just stand still.

Broken noodles – Noodles are one of the lucky foods being served during Chinese New Year. However, slurping short noodles on New Year may mean the opposite thing. On the other hand, in Japan, they believe that eating broken noodles could mean that you are breaking free from the previous year.

A Full Plate of Food – Many people believe that leaving just a bite of food on your plate could guarantee you a prosperous year ahead.

Meanwhile, one common ingredient that holiday dishes have is ketchup which has an amazing story of how it was created.

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