16 Metabolism-Boosting Foods That Your Body Needs

Aside from the vitamins we usually take, our bodies also need metabolism-boosting foods in order for its digesting speed to achieve an effective rate. Do you know that there are really specific foods which are boosters of metabolism? Most of them can just be bought in a market or a grocery store. Too slow metabolism is […]

He Place The Bacon On Paper Towels — The Perfect Way To Cook Bacon – No Mess!

We usually use frying pans and baking sheets when cooking bacon, but now we will suggest you something different, and this might sound crazy, but better try this one before making any comment because you will surely get shocked of the result. The video is going to you how to cook bacon in a microwave. […]

5 Food Myths That Many People Actually Believe

Everyone has their own style of preparing and storing food. However, most of them follows the method that doesn’t actually work. Many people said that putting salt on water will make it boil faster, but the truth it, it will only make the process long. In this video, you will know the five food myths […]

Unknown Facts About This Ketchup Brand You Need To Know – You Might Be Using It Now

If there is one thing that all people really unite is food. Yes, all people will eat food. Food is really essential for the life of every living thing on Earth. This is where the energy comes from in order to survive. That’s why, there are lots of being prepared by every region in the […]

Foods That You Should Be Eating Based On Your Zodiac Sign – Know Them Now

Every human being on earth needs to eat something in order to live. Food is the number one source of energy. But, choosing the right food is still the best consumption of food. Eating natural, nutritious and healthy food are very beneficial to one’s health. But, according to astrologists, eating food according to your zodiac […]

Reason Why You Should Never Keep Your Eggs In The Refrigerator – Something You Need To Know

Most people in the world will choose eggs during breakfast. Eggs are really easy to prepare Also, they are nutritious and healthy. That’s why, people are buying lots of them then stored either in the refrigerator or just in room temperature. But now, there’s an argument that’s been discussed in some forums about the need […]

Alarming: People Are Injecting A Certain Virus In Bananas And Other Fruits – Take A Look

A woman recently posted photos on Facebook of bananas with alleged blo0d injected on the fruit. The woman suspected that the blo0d found on the bananas are H!V positive as what she have read on the Internet. According to Anna Aquavia, the woman who posted the photos on Facebook, “This happened to my friends sister […]

‘Empanada Man: British-Italian Chef Who Cooks Empanada Like A Local – Incredible

A British-Italian chef named Steven Snowdown has been dubbed to be the “Empanada Man” from Laoag City, Ilocos Norte. He mastered the art of making Empanadas by the Ilocanos because he will be representing Laoag City for a competition in Singapore in the East List Star cooking show where non-Asian will be cookinig their favorite […]

How Many Eggs Should You Eat Everyday? Know It Now

Every morning, a person needs to eat a really healthy full breakfast. Among the most cooked breakfast foods are eggs. Not only that eggs are really nutritious, they are also so easy to prepare. One can just boil it, scramble and fry it, your meal is done! But, health experts have been warning people to […]

Eat These 4 Foods Before Your Period For Better Relief – Every Female Must See This

It’s the first week of the month again. Not only that there are many things needed to be done and accomplished but also, it is a time the women will experience their most hated part of the month, their period. Periods are normal part of a female. It happens when a matured egg hasn’t been fertilized […]

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