Hamburger: How This Food Got Its Name


This is how hamburger got its name Hamburger is one of the most popular foods all over the world and a famous item on fast-food menu list as well. Based on the definition from The Oxford Dictionary, this food is a backyard “barbecue staple as “a flat, round cake of minced beef, fried or grilled … Read more

Chinese New Year/New Year’s Eve Bad Luck Foods

chinese new year bad luck foods 1

Whether it is the New Year’s Eve celebration or Chinese New Year, these foods are considered bad luck Certain beliefs and traditions are being practiced during the Chinese New Year and the celebration of New Year’s Eve around the world, and one essential thing is food. Just like many different celebrations, the New Year – … Read more

Ketchup History: The Amazing Story Behind The Well-Loved Condiment

ketchup history

Know more about the Ketchup History Ketchup History – This well-loved condiment comes with an amazing story that has become a great companion for many dishes. The tangy and sweet sauce is known as a great topping, sauce, and ingredient in different cuisines around the globe. In America, based on the article in Reader’s Digest, … Read more

16 Metabolism-Boosting Foods That Your Body Needs


Aside from the vitamins we usually take, our bodies also need metabolism-boosting foods in order for its digesting speed to achieve an effective rate. Do you know that there are really specific foods which are boosters of metabolism? Most of them can just be bought in a market or a grocery store. Too slow metabolism is … Read more

5 Food Myths That Many People Actually Believe

Everyone has their own style of preparing and storing food. However, most of them follows the method that doesn’t actually work. Many people said that putting salt on water will make it boil faster, but the truth it, it will only make the process long. In this video, you will know the five food myths … Read more