Dream About Cheating – What It Means If You Are Cheating In A Dream?

What does a dream about cheating mean? Here’s what you might want to know.

DREAM ABOUT CHEATING – Will this kind of dream matter in your relationship in the waking work? Here are some interpretations.

Dreams are varied in terms of the incidents, the people involved, and other factors but are similar in the situation. Previously, we have discussed the dreams of a cheating partner. This kind of dream could be because of one of the combination of these three reasons:

  • emotional dissatisfaction
  • sexual dissatisfaction
  • infidelity issue from the past that remains unresolved

In this post, we will dive into the different meanings and interpretations of a dream where you are the one who is cheating. The analysis will start from determining based on these six points: feelings, actions, puns & play on words, repetition, plot, and symbols.

Dream About Cheating
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Ask yourself these questions according to Women’s Health Mag:

  1. What exactly did you do cheating-wise?
  2. How did it feel at the moment?
  3. Did it seem like a one-time fling or an ongoing affair?
  4. Did you feel like you were betraying your S.O. in the dream?
  5. Was your partner actually in the dream, or were you just aware of their existence?
  6. Does anything in your waking life give you the same feeling as your dream?

There’s a metaphor in every dream if you dive deeper into it.

Here are the different interpretations if you are the one who is cheating:

  • You are guilty about something in your real life.
  • You have cheated on someone in the past.
  • There is something that is missing in your real-life relationship.
  • You feel like you are not being true to yourself or being unfaithful to certain aspects of yourself.
  • You have compromised your ethics in the waking world.
  • You admire someone, a harmless crush.
  • If you are extremely aware of your relationship in the dream and still cheated, it leans to something like there’s really something wrong in your relationship and this wrong could make or break it.
  • There’s a family history of cheating and you are worried that you might also be capable of doing this.
  • It could be a symbol of you cheating on something and not on someone.
  • There’s a conflict in your relationship with other people.
  • You are having brand new experiences.

In real life, being cheated on is devastating. But life does not end there. There are several steps you can do to move on from cheating and the pain it brought you. You have to do yourself a favor – live.

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