Dreams About Partner Cheating: What Does This Mean?

What do dreams about partner cheating mean? Here are some interpretations.

DREAMS ABOUT PARTNER CHEATING – There are bothering dreams and one of them is a cheating partner and this is what it means.

You must be here as you have just dreamed about your partner cheating on you. Scary, right? There’s also this pain in the heart knowing that it is possible and a tiny cut in your pride and set of insecurity.

What is your subconscious trying to tell you? The dream is a series of events that happen in the brain while sleeping and dreams have various scenarios. One of the most common dreams is dreaming about your partner cheating on you.

There are also dreams about falling teeth and these have different interpretations just like your dream about your partner cheating on you.

The first thing to know, though, is that your partner cheating on you in your dreams doesn’t mean they’re doing it in real life or will do it in the future. However, this can’t be totally ruled out but dreams about this are typically indicative of other issues within a relationship.

Certified dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg says that this could be one of these issues:

  • emotional dissatisfaction
  • sexual dissatisfaction
  • infidelity issue from the past that remains unresolved

Here are some other interpretations of it:

  • if your partner cheats with a stranger
    This could stem from feeling cheated out of quality time and attention.
  • if your partner cheats with an ex
    Loewenberg says, “It’s usually a sign that you’re jealous of something your ex has,” she says. Maybe it’s their sense of style or confidence. Maybe it’s that the ex knew your love in college, and you didn’t.
  • if your partner cheats with someone you’re close with
    This means that this person and your partner getting along so well is significant to you.
  • if your partner cheats with someone you know in real life
    This has nothing to do with your partner, it has something to do with the other person and what this person has that you lack.

In real life, how to move on after being cheated on is a really hard task as there’s no single approach for everyone. Moving on and healing takes time and it is different for everyone. But it’s just a dream.

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