Fever Dream Meaning – What Is The Meaning Of This?

What is the fever dream meaning and what is this this trying to tell you about your body?

FEVER DREAM MEANING – Dream is the mystery of sleep and if we get this particular type of dream, this is what it means.

In the series of events that occurs when we are adrift to sleep, among the most common ones are flying, falling, climbing to great, or frightening heights. These are among the most common dreams we tend to have.

But just even ones, most of us have surely experienced the fever dream. But first, let’s define fever.

Fever is a sign of inflammation and this is the response of the body to an infection or illness. When one is having a fever, the body temperature is at 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius) or greater.

Fever Dream

What Is a Fever Dream?

This dream can be vivid, bizarre, or unpleasant that happens often times during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and accordingly, waking up at this stage of sleep will likely make you remember your dream.

Just like the other dreams, the cause of this is also unknown, however, some researchers speculate that this could be because of “overheated” brain. This dream makes the dreamer feel emotionally intense, troubled, and scared. Dreamers often describe this as disturbing and stressful experience.

This might be vivid but just like lucid dreams but these are two different things as the latter is not linked to higher body temperature. Moreover, lucid dreams are not always negative like this type.

This is also different from a nightmare because nightmare is caused by anxiety, stress, or trauma.

Symptoms of this

  • Moving walls
  • Creatures with oversized arms and legs
  • Metal spheres that move like an organism
  • Blackness spreading slowly
  • Gigantic insects

There are a lot of common dream symbols and the interpretation are different from one another. And most of the time, dreams, no matter how bizarre they are, are harmless.

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