Dog Knows How To Pray Before Going To Sleep

When we were young, our parents taught us to pray before we sleep, when we wake up and we eat our meal. Somehow, this one is some sort of a good manners and a right conduct that is actually just an easy thing. But then, not all of us still do it when they grow up. Perhaps, no one could even tell the reason why, right?

In that connection, this video is what is all about. It’s about a dog who is praying before he sleeps. This may actually be so strange in the sight of everybody. But if you’ll come to think of it, considering that it was a dog, you’ll really be impressed and like the dog for doing it. Isn’t it sweet and nice? Probably, he seen it on his owner as he grows up. Watch the video below.

Well, this dog can really be so smart for thinking and doing this. Somehow, even some humans actually forgot to pray before they sleep or after they wake up. As such, this dog can show us on how important it is to pray before we sleep or before doing certain things everyday. Actually, this is just so simple, but why seemed so hard for others? What do you think?

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