Here’s The Best Way To Wake Up Feeling Great

There are really times when sleeping seemed to be so hard for us. Since, the sleep is not so good, expect that the waking up will also be not that good. As such, we can’t do something with that, as we know it. Instead, we just have to make use with it. But then, do … Read more

Dog Knows How To Pray Before Going To Sleep

When we were young, our parents taught us to pray before we sleep, when we wake up and we eat our meal. Somehow, this one is some sort of a good manners and a right conduct that is actually just an easy thing. But then, not all of us still do it when they grow … Read more

This Mother Was Prank By Her Kids While Sleeping On A Trip

Most of us love travelling to see the most incredible things, foods and culture we don’t know yet. While on the trip, we can’t avoid to be tired and get asleep. Our friends would often do crazy things to make fun of us while sleeping. Similar with this video below how this poor mother sleeps … Read more