Here’s How You Can Make Your Own Oreo Churros At Home

Are you familiar on churro? Well, it’s actually a Spanish doughnut which are popularly eaten in France, Philippines and Spain. They are normally eaten during breakfast as based on the definition given by Wikipedia. But do you know that you can make your own churro using Oreo? Sounds and exciting and fun, right?

Well, if you’re really interested, this video might be a great help for you. Through it, you’ll learn how to make your own Oreo churros. And the other exciting part in it is that you can actually make it at home. First, you just have to prepare your 20 Oreo biscuits and an extra ordinary patience. Watch the next procedures on the video below.

Actually, this one was made because of the request of people. Since so, this girl decided to make it as per requested. Somehow, the procedures and the needed things are just so easy. But then, you really have to have that enough patience and of course that creativity to make it as good as it is. Perhaps, you’ll love the finish product. Hope you learned something from this. Enjoy watching.

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