Incredible Nature-Painted Cats That You Will Surely Fall In Love With

There so much beauty in nature that many of us haven’t seen. From animals, trees to landscapes, there’s so much in nature that will surely surprise us. Pets at home really give us joy and peace most of the time. Not only that, we just love watching them play. How about pets like cats which […]

Lovely Woman Communicates With Cats In A Way You Thought Only Humans Can – Incredible…

Having pets at home is really a great task and opportunity to give love and care for animals. But how deep is the love that you can give to them. A woman named Kim Silva who really loves cats wants to adopt a hearing-deficient cat. With her passion for them, since she already had cats […]

This Mural Painting Transforms Into Something More Enchanted When The Lights Are Off – Have A Look…

Many said that art is only for the one’s that are talented. But the truth is that art is an expression of oneself. Any medium or material you would use in your artwork is good, as long as you are enjoying what you’re doing. This is what happened to a mural painting created by artist […]

For Cat-Lovers Out There: Here Are The Solutions You Need For The ‘Cat-ness’ Of Your Cats…

Pets we love at home are just as lovely as they are. One of the most loved pets at home are cats. Do you agree with that? Well, cats are known to be sweet to anyone (especially when they’re asking for food..haha!) But, cats are cats. But, you might experience some ‘cat-ness’ at home like […]

Cats That Didn’t Have A Nice Fate…Hilarious…

One of the most common and loved pets are cats. Cats have a distinct characteristic that pet lovers choose them. They are naturally sweet to owners (especially when asking for food, haha) and to other people. Cats in our homes most of the time just lay down and clean their bodies. When they play, they […]

Meet George, The Human-Like Cat Who Hilariously Prefers To Stand On 2 Legs

Unknowingly, animals do something more than they usually does. There are dogs that can talk and can do tricks, birds that can sing and cats that stand. Yes. It’s a rare kind of situation for animals because we know them that walk and stand on their four legs, but this cat named George loves to […]

Here Are 11 Reasons Why Having A Cat As A Pet Is Good For You

If you think having a cat isn’t good for you, you’re wrong. They may be ‘smart’ like dogs, but they’re pretty good for your health. So, feline fans, rejoice! Cats are awesome too and like dogs, they can be your real best friend. You might not know but there are enough reasons why you should […]

11 Photos Of Cats Throwing Some Shade At Dogs

Dogs and cats are known to be enemies. There’s a huge fire of envy between them and they endlessly both annoy each other especially when they’re looking for their human’s attention. Well, between them, the cats are more envious with the dogs and often throw some attitude towards the dog. Have you seen a cat […]

How This Mother Cat Saved Her Baby Kitten Will Warm Your Heart

Earthlings have the same feelings on heart and mind. Humans or animals we may be, our body is entitled to feel what is supposed to feel on what is happening around us. We get scared when there’s terror and we get so sad when we see unfortunate situations. Being a mother is just like that. […]

Cat Enjoys Warming Herself By A Heater

Animals love to play around with humans’ things and sometimes they can’t get enough of it that they also want to know how it feels to be human by using such things. Have you seen a cat who doesn’t mind that she’s a cat and does things humans only do? Here is a cat that […]

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