Are Dogs And Cats Mortal Enemies? Experts Explain Truth

dogs and cats

Why it is perceived that dogs and cats hate each other? One common perception that many people have is that dogs and cats are mortal enemies and there have been depictions in various fields. There is a common phrase “They’re fighting like cats and dogs.” It is used to describe siblings and co-workers who are … Read more

The Secret Mission of Cats: “REAL OR NOT?”


REAL OR NOT? – Here are some of the intriguing facts behind the claims that cats have a secret mission. Cat is considered one of the most popular animals in different countries all around the world including the Philippines. Many people prefer to adopt cats as their pets due to their friendly and adorable behavior. … Read more

Cats That Didn’t Have A Nice Fate…Hilarious…

One of the most common and loved pets are cats. Cats have a distinct characteristic that pet lovers choose them. They are naturally sweet to owners (especially when asking for food, haha) and to other people. Cats in our homes most of the time just lay down and clean their bodies. When they play, they … Read more

Here Are 11 Reasons Why Having A Cat As A Pet Is Good For You

If you think having a cat isn’t good for you, you’re wrong. They may be ‘smart’ like dogs, but they’re pretty good for your health. So, feline fans, rejoice! Cats are awesome too and like dogs, they can be your real best friend. You might not know but there are enough reasons why you should … Read more