This Mural Painting Transforms Into Something More Enchanted When The Lights Are Off – Have A Look…

Many said that art is only for the one’s that are talented. But the truth is that art is an expression of oneself. Any medium or material you would use in your artwork is good, as long as you are enjoying what you’re doing. This is what happened to a mural painting created by artist Giorgi Makharashvili where he utilized ultraviolet light in order to transform his mural.

The mural actually look good even in normal lighting but becomes more fascinating after turning off the light then putting on the black light.

Here are some pictures of Giorgi Makharashvili’s mural that will really amaze you. Such talent!

First, he painted it in white light…

Then, with a special paint that glows on black light…

And, Just WOW!





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(h/t: Boredpanda )

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