He Put A Piece Of Paper Over A Flame, What He Created Will Just Simply Leave You In Awe…

As we know, fire can be very useful and yet, can also be destructive at times. The most common uses fire are for cooking, heat, and many more. But, an artist named Steven Spazuk used fire to make amazing artworks. Using a piece of special paper, Steven hovers it to the flame. The black fumes […]

Artist Recreates Van Gogh’s Painting, “Olive Trees” In A 1.2 Acre Land Using Plants – Unbelievable…

Art can be done in any form and way. Many famous artists have done art in the form painting such as Vincent van Gogh. Van Gogh did the famous “Olive Trees” painting in 1899. But, recently, an artist named Stan Herd created a version of his own; doing it using plants and using fields as […]

This Mural Painting Transforms Into Something More Enchanted When The Lights Are Off – Have A Look…

Many said that art is only for the one’s that are talented. But the truth is that art is an expression of oneself. Any medium or material you would use in your artwork is good, as long as you are enjoying what you’re doing. This is what happened to a mural painting created by artist […]

You Thought It’s A Painting, Huh? I Assure You, You’ll Be More Amazed What This Really Is…

The World is a big piece of art that all that’s in it are also beautiful pieces of art including us. God has really created everything perfect in purpose. Because of this, we must not be surprised why many of us just appreciate and do different kinds of art like painting and music. An artist […]

Amazing Face Paintings By Laura Jenkinson That You’ve Haven’t Seen Before.

Face paintings aren’t just cat whiskers and hearts anymore, Laura Jenkinson has taken face painting to a whole new level. Face painting as we all know is common is some kids parties or any types of occasion. This amazing artist took this seriously and made awesome artistic face paintings. Makeup artist Laura Jenkinson is using […]

Amazing Street Artist Makes Realistic 3D Pictures

Art is one of the ways to express ourselves. We somehow have different techniques where we are able to apply with art. Some of us are amazed by looking at it and some of us are good in making beautiful art. No matter which part of the world we go I am sure there is […]

These Face Painting Portraits Will Make Us Feel Like We Can Conquer Anything

All of us need a little inspiration in our life, and that is the reason why we love watching some great videos and asking some advice to experts that gives us courage in facing life’s difficulties. If you need some great inspirational words in facing your problems, here are the works of Jessica Walsh you […]

Optical Illusion Paintings By Rob Gonsalves Prepped To Bend Your Mind

Among other artists born with exceptional hand skills in art, Rob Gonsalves is absolutely one of them. With his goal to twist your mind through his works, his paintings are prepped enough to give your head a little ache. Canadian artist Rob Gonsalves make it sure that his paintings won’t ever be forgotten with its […]

Using Face Paint, Lady Transforms Herself Into Freaky Dark Or Strange Characters

Creativity got no limits and when people with creative minds started working, it’s endless and unstoppable. Take a woman who, through her love of painting, turned herself into some dark, strange and quite freaky characters through the use of face paint. In an interview she had, she said that she used face paint to create […]

This Guy Used His Tongue To Make A Portrait Of Miley Cyrus.

Painters all over the world have their different and own ways to show their paintings and masterpieces to every people. However, not all people can actually appreciate it, only some. But I guess, this one is close to exception. This is about creating a painting by simply using his tongue. You heard it right, the […]

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