30 Photos That Prove Anything Can Be Made Into Art!

The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves. With the use of your creative mind and wild imagination, you can create something that will surprise you. Just let your mind to imagine things without […]

15 Watercolor Paintings Of The Cities Traveled By A Bangkok-Based Graphic Artist

Every person has his own way of remembering the places that he has traveled. There are those who buy souvenirs in every place that he has visited as it will serve as a remembrance and a reminder that he has come to that place. In the case of a graphic artist and illustrator based in […]

Lip Artist Hits IG

Anyone can hold the brush and make up and call herself a make-up artist but not everyone can do it with gracefulness that will produce a brilliant outcome. Make up is one very essential thing to female or even to those who consider themselves female. It gives them a sense of color and beauty which […]

Color Squares On A Sheet Of Paper And Create This Very Amazing Work Of Art

If ever that you haven’t experience to venture into the realms of design and drawing when you were at school, and you think that art is the worse subject, well then console yourself! With these ideas created by this video maker/designer, you can take advantage of the “pixel technique” to create drawings that are fun and […]

LOOK: The ‘World’s Most Beautiful Soldier’ Captures The Heart Of The Internet – Truth Revealed

Elena Deligioz, a Russian girl who just captured the netizens not only because of her angelic face but also, by wearing military costumes with matching military equipment – dubbed as the “World’s most beautiful soldier”. Everyone just thought that Elena was really a member of the military; she’s actually not. It’s just people are really […]

Artist Creates 3D Calligraphy That Will Surely Bring Puzzles Into Your Minds – Really Amazing

Art is something that makes the world, the world. Anywhere you look at, there’s a certain art in there. There are so many kinds of art that people do and wanted to do. People became great in making stunning paintings, sculptures, drawings, and more. Even in a young age, children are being thought how to […]

Amazing Artist Being Born Without Hands Does Realistic Drawing – This Is So Inspiring

It is true that the differences won’t stop someone from achieving his dream and doing his passion. People having disabilities should not lose hope. Just look on this artist named Mariusz Kedzierski who was born without arms. He might be drawing better than you. People see him sometimes drawing in the street. And they are […]

Artist Does Paintings Of Women In Mind-Puzzling Fashion – Incredible

Manny artists have been really into painting. Many of the famous artists before are painters. Using paint and canvass, a creative mind can create amazing paintings. This is what an artist from Toronto named Alex Garant have done. She has done surreal portraits of women with a dizzying effect. As you stare on the image, […]

Russian Artist Creates Super Realistic Dolls That Will Make You Stare At Them Long – Incredible

If there’s one toy that little girls ever wanted are dolls. Do you agree with that? Dolls are being groomed with complete hairdo and dress. Most of them are made of rubber or plastic and looks like toys totally. But, this Russian doll maker named Michael Zajkov is really passionate in making realistic ones. While […]

Mind-Puzzling Optical Illusions That Will Surely Make You Look Twice Or More – Amazing

Photos can have millions of stories depending on the interpretation of the audience. Photos are pieces of the moments and memories being captured. But, with the technology that we have today, many software can now manipulate photos to create more artistic one’s. A photographer and artist named Erik Johansson have created different photos optical illusion […]

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