Artist Creates 3D Calligraphy That Will Surely Bring Puzzles Into Your Minds – Really Amazing

Art is something that makes the world, the world. Anywhere you look at, there’s a certain art in there. There are so many kinds of art that people do and wanted to do. People became great in making stunning paintings, sculptures, drawings, and more.

Even in a young age, children are being thought how to draw something. This enhances the child’s creativity and imagination. Today, in our time, even with the technology to create certain art, artists have already mastered the creation of them manually.

This is what an artist from Istanbul have done. Tolga Girgin is just making 3D calligraphic letterforms to make them look like alive. Calligraphy, by the way, is a form of writing wherein letters are being drawn decoratively and manually by an artist.

In his works, we can really see how skillfully he draws his masterpieces.


The power of green.


Here’s a short clip from Tolga’s Instagram on how Tolga creates his art. Amazing!

Famous logos, anyone?


Oh, deer!



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(h/t: Colossal)

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