LOOK: The ‘World’s Most Beautiful Soldier’ Captures The Heart Of The Internet – Truth Revealed

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Elena Deligioz, a Russian girl who just captured the netizens not only because of her angelic face but also, by wearing military costumes with matching military equipment – dubbed as the “World’s most beautiful soldier”. Everyone just thought that Elena was really a member of the military; she’s actually not.

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It’s just people are really amazed when they see a woman joining the military. Actually, most military women are deployed in the medical team, office, and some were together with troops in the front line.

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Elena really loves doing cosplay of different outfits like those for the military. According to Orzzz, she also loves photography “ultra-cool army collectibles. Elena even posts pictures of her together with military weapons.

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This became her passion. And to fulfill it, she opened a store for military clothing and accessories. When Elena started modeling her products, this really caught great attention to the whole world!

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Her posts received positive reactions from people who saw her photos. There’s also a meme 9gag that says,

“You’re at war and you saw her, what will you do?”

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Well, we don’t encourage war in any form or in any way. Let’s just hope for peace and love in this world we’re in.

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Let’s hope and pray that the on-going “military exercise” done by 20 nations in Syria won’t lead to the WWIII.

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