The Secret Mission of Cats: “REAL OR NOT?”

REAL OR NOT? – Here are some of the intriguing facts behind the claims that cats have a secret mission.

Cat is considered one of the most popular animals in different countries all around the world including the Philippines. Many people prefer to adopt cats as their pets due to their friendly and adorable behavior.

Felines were often seen as enigmatic and independent creatures, having a world of their own that goes beyond the stereotypes of laziness. However, they are more than just pets, they are companions with a mission we may not fully understand.


Feline friends possess a unique power to cleanse us of accumulated negative energy. While we sleep, they act as energy sponges, absorbing any negativity they encounter. One cat per household can allegedly result in an excessive accumulation of negative energy.

These furry friends may require more time to release negative energy if we happen to be excessively stressed. It usually results to weight gain in cats. Having more cats at home can help distribute the energy-absorbing load.

They are considered guardians of the night for protecting us during the night, ensuring that no unwelcome spirits enter our homes while we sleep. This is why they often choose to sleep in our beds. If your cat considers you safe, they may not sleep with you.


This small carnivorous mammal has an uncanny ability to sense a person with ill intentions entering our home, our feline protectors will instinctively surround us, acting as a shield against potential harm.

If a stray cat comes into your home, it could be because you are in need of a feline companion at the time. Cats are said to appear in our lives for reasons we don’t understand, and their purpose may be revealed through dreams.

As of this writing, there is no clear statement that can prove the claims regarding the secret mission of cats.

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