Most Remote Inhabited Places In The World

There are still people who love to stay in these most remote inhabited places Most Remote Inhabited Places – These islands are beautiful and indeed inhabitable but the place where they are located can blow your mind. 5. Île de la Possession, France – It is part of the Subantarctic Crozet Archipelago in the southern … Read more

Ideal Palace In France Built Alone By Postman For 33 Year

ideal palace

A postman single-handedly built the Ideal Palace Ideal Palace – Ferdinand Cheval, a postman, built his dream palace all by himself and it took him 33 long years before it was finally finished. It is quite normal to see palaces in France and other parts of Europe. However, there was one palace that is really … Read more

Braille: Facts About Tactile System For Blind People


Enjoy these facts about Braille Braille is invented by blind French educator Louis Braille in 1824 and this tactile system has been helping a lot of blind people in reading and writing for nearly 200 years. When Louis was three years old, he accidentally stabbed himself in his right eye with an awl. Based on the … Read more