McDonald’s: Worst Time Of The Day To Visit This Restaurant

Not all-day long McDonald’s can provide superb service

A former McDonald’s corporate chef revealed that this is the worst time of the day to visit the famous fast-food chain.

The said restaurant has been serving people around the globe with its delectable menu. Different countries feature certain unique items in their menu. However, the basic burger, fries, desserts, and more are staples.

All day long, the restaurant is visited by people from different walks of life and age brackets. However, there is a time of the day when the service will probably displease you even if you order something you really like from the McDonald’s menu.

ABC News

Mike Haracz, a former corporate chef of the fast-food chain, said that the worst time of the day to eat here is 10:30 AM. It is because in most locations the switching over from breakfast to their regular lunch menu, based on the article in Mental Floss.

In 2015, the all-day breakfast was launched. Because of this, the fast-food chain has quietly phased it out and just served its hash browns and Egg McMuffins exclusively during the morning hours.

With this, workers are now responsible for adjusting grill temperatures and removing breakfast items from warming cabinets. They are also tasked to add lunch items. As they were doing these, they were also expected to fulfill breakfast and lunch orders at a fast food pace. 

Having this situation, most likely, drive-thru customers will wait for a longer period of time if they go in the mid-morning.

All of these moving parts are happening, while it’s also getting busier in the restaurant and it causes a lot of issues within the restaurants,” Haracz said.

There is a benefit when you go to the fast-food chain in its most hectic time. It is the beginning of McDonald’s lunch services. This means that the French fries, Big Macs, and McNuggets are the freshest they will be all day.

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