Snake Dream Meaning – What It Means If You Dream About Snakes?

What does a snake dream mean? Find out here!

SNAKE DREAM MEANING – Dreams remain a mystery but here are some interpretations about seeing a snake or two in your dreams.

How do you navigate a dream about snakes? What does this creature represent?

Dreams are strange and experts are still puzzled as to why they happen and what they mean. Dreams are a series of strange and odd incidents that happen in the head while we are sleeping. And sometimes, certain incidents happen more than once which made us wonder what it was trying to tell.

And among the most common ones is a dream about snakes. The mere sight of this slithering animal is already enough to make us shudder. Normally, there are negative things associated with it. However, what does it mean when it appears in our dreams?

Dream tracker Lauri Loewenberg is among the most common animals people dream about after dogs and cats.

Here are some snake dream meaning and interpretations:

  • If you feel fear, you might have something in your waking life that scares you.
  • If you were bitten, it symbolizes vulnerability or helplessness.
  • If a snake is on you, its location might signify something that needs healing.
  • The breed of snake matters. If it is a rattlesnake, it could mean a red flag that has already happened in a particular person or situation.
  • If it is in your bedroom, it could mean that there’s a “snake” in your real life and that person is someone you are intimate with.
  • If it is a white snake, it could mean a new beginning.
  • If it is a black snake, it represents the unknown.
  • If it is a red snake, there’s a red flag in your life that you have been ignoring.
  • If it is a green snake, it means jealousy. It could be there’s a person around you who is toxic and jealous or you could be that person.
  • If there are two snakes, it could signify finding balance in your life between who you are and what you want.
  • If there are multiple snakes, it means toxicity.
  • If a snake is chasing you or trying to bite you, it means that something is also chasing you in your waking life such as an unresolved issue or an emotional burden.
  • If the snake is not attacking you, it can signify healing and renewal.

These are just some of the interpretations. Interpreting a dream about a snake takes a lot of factors to consider like your experiences and what you felt in the dream. In many cultures, this reptile is a menacing symbol that is associated with evil and death.

Snakes are a common dream symbol and find out some of the most common dreams and what they mean.

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