English Language Fun Facts You Probably Don’t Know Yet

Here are some English language fun facts you might want to know.

ENGLISH LANGUAGE FUN FACTS – Here are quite a few quirks about the language that is spoken all over the world.

The English language is fun. There are always a lot of new things to learn from spelling, vowels, consonants, sounds, and whether Y is a vowel or not. You’ve probably heard about the sentence that has all the letters in it and the Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, one of the longest words in English.

If you want more fun facts, here are some you probably don’t know yet:

  1. “Run” has the most senses with over 600. You may use this word in different ways like running a race, running a business, going on a grocery run, or checking to see if your fridge is running. A lot of things running in your mind about this now, right?
  2. A sentence that has all the letter in it is called a pangram. One famous example is: “A quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.”

    The other one is: “The joyful wizards quietly mixed groovy black potions.”
  3. The most common words used is “the” followed by “be”, “and”, “a”, “of”, “to”, “in”, “I”, “you”, and “it”.
  4. The shortest grammatically correct sentence is “Go” not “I” or “Me”.
  5. “ough” is pronounced in many different ways such as the following:
    • -off like cough and trough 
    • -uff like toughrough, and enough
    • -ow like plough
    • -oh like though
    • -oo like through
    • -up like hiccough (a variant of hiccup)
    • -awt like thought 
    • -ock like hough 
    • -och like lough (a rendering of the Irish loch, meaning “lake”)
  6. The words “bulb”, “angel”, and “month” don’t have the perfect rhymes in English.
  7. The longest single-word palindrome in English is the word tattarrattat, which refers to the sound of knocking on a door. This is an onomatopoeia by James Joyce which is found in his novel Ulysses.
  8. The longest words that don’t have repeating letters are:
    • Dermatoglyphics: the patterns found on the ridges of the inner hand or foot
    • Misconjugatedly: not conjugated correctly
    • Uncopyrightable: something that you cannot copyright
  9. The longest English word that is in alphabetical order is Aegilops, a name of a genus of grasses related to wheat.
  10. Eunoia is the shortest English word that has all five vowels in it and this means beautiful thinking.

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