Surprising Health Benefits Of Okra That Are Good For Your Health

Ochro, Bhindi, Gumbo pods, Bamia, Lady’s fingers, or Okra –  whichever you call this vegetable, the important is why you should know why it’s worth chewing this slimy veggie.

This kind of vegetable is very common in the Philippines, Filipino farmers usually gathered the pods while they are green and at the immature stage.

It’s either used as a pickled vegetable, an ingredient to soups, side dishes and also utilize for its oil.

Okra is a flowering plant with a scientific name of Abelmoschus esculentus. This highly beneficial vegetable is known for its high soluble and insoluble fiber content.

Due to its wide range of health benefits, there are plenty alternative uses for okra.

Benefits of Okra
Photo lifted from Filipino Recipes Portal

Let’s have a quick look at the some of the amazing benefits of this vegetables.

Most of the healthy benefits of okra are due to the minerals, vitamins, and an organic compound found in this vegetables.


Okra has insulin-like properties that help to reduce blood sugar levels. It also helps to stabilize blood sugar because of Eugenol, a type of fiber that can be found in Okra, by curbing the rate at which sugar is absorbed from the intestinal tract.

Benefits of Okra
Photo lifted from Medical News Today

Lower Cholesterol.

Due to its high content, this vegetable can help lowering the serum or the bad cholesterol and prevents atherosclerosis. Okra can help you to eliminate the deposited cholesterol and cloth.

Skin health.

Okra is effective in reducing the appearance of scars and acne and eliminating wrinkles. The vitamin C that is present to this vegetable aids in repairing body tissues, preventing skin pigmentation, and other skin conditions.

Benefits of Okra
Photo lifted from Healthline

Immune system.

This is a good immune booster food. Okra contains high antioxidants and vitamin c and other minerals like magnesium, manganese, calcium and iron that can confiscate harmful free radicals and promote healthy immune system.

Clear vision.

Okra contains beta-carotenes, Xanthin, and lutein all are powerful antioxidant properties the can destroy or neutralize free radicals. They also help to prevent eye problems like cataract and glaucoma.

Okra is high in medicinal and nutritional value that helps in normalizing blood sugar levels and much more. This vegetable can be eaten raw, cooked, or steamed depending on your diet plan.

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