Surprising Healthy Benefits Of Cotton Fruit Or Santol

Santol fruit is round and yellow with a white and juicy sweet sour sub-acid tissue. This tropical fruit is grown in southeast Asia.

Like most other tropical fruit, santol contains vitamins and minerals that are useful for our body.

Santol or Cotton Fruit is a climacteric which means they will continue to ripen once plucked from the tree.

In the Philippines, Santol is used for the treatment of diarrhea and dysentery (severe diarrhea).

santol fruit
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Santol is rich in Vitamin and C, which promotes proper cell metabolism and strengthens and protects the immune system against cardiovascular diseases.

This fruit can help you to improve the body immune system and in food digestion and absorption.

Eating santol thus keeps one energized without necessarily needing to eat more food. The fiber can keep one feel fed.

Here are the proven benefits of Santol.

Santol is good for diabetes.

This fruit has a low glycemic index that can slow down the digestion, which in turn can regulate or prevents blood sugar levels to increase.

santol fruit
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Santol is great for allergies. This fruit is rich in Byronic acid and sanatorium acid which helps in preventing and treating allergies.

Skin Problems.

Santol fruit contains astringent quality which is an essential ingredient in beauty products. Astringent can helps keep the skin firm and young looking.

Santol leaves can also be a useful remedy for treating irritated skin.

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Immune system Boosting.

Santol contains Vitamin C and a great amount of fiber that can helps for improving body immune system. It also contains quercetin which is a powerful antioxidant for boosting immunity.

Note: Avoid swallowing the seeds of Santol. According to a 2001 health advisory that was issued in the Philippines, a woman who eats too many santol seeds, perforated her large intestines. A few other cases of stomach problems arising from the seed consumption have surfaced as well.

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