As You Look At This Parrot, You’ll Think That It’s Not It Who Is Laughing. But That Movement In His Throat Will Tell You The Truth

We all laugh on certain things that happened in our life. Some is because of embarrassment and some is because of complete happiness. In other words, it all comes for a reason.

But what happened to this parrot? I actually can’t figure out why he laugh so hard was captured on the video. It really looks like he is not the one who is doing it on the first place. But then, when you try to look closer, you’ll see that his throat is actually moving. Oh! How?

Other thing on it is that, how could certain animals and this parrot can laugh as hard as this one? This really looks like unbelievable. So hard to explain. Watch why on the video below.

Aside from wondering, you’l also laugh with him as he is laughing. He may not be having that enough reason to laugh that hard, but whatever it would be, this parrot deserves it.

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