This Adorable Baby Talking Her Way Out Of A Nap Will Surely Make Your Day. Her Excuses Are Just Too Cute For Words!

Babies are undeniably cute that no matter how they try to lose are patience, we just can’t resist that heart-melting look on their face.

YouTube user Rumble Viral posted an adorable video of a baby girl names Sierra. She’s only one-year-old but she already knows how to use her charm to get out of trouble.

In this hilarious clip, mom went on to check her daughter only to find out that she is not sleeping. She asked her why she’s still awake when she was supposed to be taking a nap and was caught in an amusing moment when the little girl let out her adorable answers.

At first, baby Sierra conveniently acted and said that she had forgotten that it’s nap time. Then, the conversation went on for a bit with Sierra trying to make her mom believe that she’s right.

It just goes to show that this little kid is an attorney in the making who is able to come up with such hilarious excuses under pressure. After all, it’s never really easy to argue with an adorable baby.

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