These Twins Were Just Eating Spaghetti, But When Sleepiness Strikes Them.. This Happens. LOL!

If you are feeling down, lonely or stressed today, better watch this funny video that will make you laugh. It’s okay if you’ll pause for a few moments and give your self a time to breathe and relax even just for a minute.

Have you ever tried eating something then eventually you fell asleep without finishing your food? Adults would really look embarrassing if they do it while kids will just look cute and adorable (unfair!).

This video of twins who struggled to fight their sleepiness just to finish eating spaghetti is still making rounds on the internet even it was published two years ago. When you watched it, you’ll understand why.

According to their mother who uploaded this video, her little boys named AJ and MJ got tired after they played and build sand castles on a beach.

As you what you’ve seen, the twins are really trying hard to open their eyes just to finish eating. However, their sleepiness overcame them and they weren’t able to finish their meal.

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