How Many Punches Can You Make In One Minute? This Is The Most Jaw Dropping Record You’ll Ever See! WOW!

Are you a big fan of boxing? If you are, you are probably practicing yourself in contact punch. Punching in one focus point continuously is very difficult.  How many contact punches can make in one minute?

Check out this guy who can make so many punches in a very short period of time! His record in making The Most Punch Strikes in the World will make you say, “He’s awesome”!

This video is from Guinness World Records YouTube Channel.  Professional martial artist Anthony Kelly is from Australia and made this record last March 2005!

There were two martial artists who will determine if his punch is good to be counted. When this guy started to punch, you will surely say that he’s amazingly strong and incredibly fast! He made 347 punches in just a minute only! This guy is really impressive!

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