Have You Ever Tried Talking To A Chimp? This Japanese Scientist Has An Extraordinary Skill To Do It! LOL

According to the Charles Darwin’s theory, we came from apes or monkey. Do you believe in that? Some of us believed in this theory because bodies of humans and apes have similarity. Other Scientists are still searching for some clues to find out where do humans really came from. Do you have any idea to make this research faster?

Hope this one will help scientists on their research. You won’t believe this Japanese scientist can do speak and talk to an ape! Is this for real?

This video is from BBC Earth YouTube Channel.  At the Primate Research Institute of Kyoto University in Japan, Professor Tetsuro Matsuzawa can talk to a chimpanzee!

According to Professor Tetsuro, he really loves Aye since she arrived. He named this ape as “Aye” which means “Love” in Japanese. This ape even loves his lessons and can count to 9.

This Japanese scientist in Primate Research Institute builds a large play for the chimps recreating their top lives to make a good living for apes.

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