Winter: Facts About This Season


Here are the things you should know about the winter Winter is the coldest season but aside from this, there are quite a lot of interesting things about this time of the year when cold wind is blowing. During this season, people love to enjoy the snow although it can affect the daily routine that … Read more

30 Places That Were Transformed By Winter Season, Amazing!

As the days pass by fast, the season also changes. To other countries, they have the Winter season or in temperate and polar climates, the coldest season of the year. It comes between autumn and spring. The Winter season does not only change the temperature of the surroundings but as well as the looks of … Read more

Cute Boy Seems To Find Snowboarding Sleepy – So Adorable To Miss

During the winter session, many would just love to stay at home and enjoy the coziness. But, for some, doing activities on snow can be really entertaining. Most people will do skiing, snowboarding, do snowball fights, and even making winter angels. Children are the ones who are very excitement the snow starts falling. Then they … Read more

22 Herds Around The World Gathers For An Awesome Purpose

Earthlings are social beings; we are created to not only survive but to deal with each other as one, and that exactly give justice to the saying “No man is an island.” Humans aren’t only the subject of socialism, animals are too. They knew their kind, so they obviously know where they belong to. Like us, … Read more