30 Places That Were Transformed By Winter Season, Amazing!

As the days pass by fast, the season also changes. To other countries, they have the Winter season or in temperate and polar climates, the coldest season of the year. It comes between autumn and spring.

The Winter season does not only change the temperature of the surroundings but as well as the looks of other places. It transforms places into a more beautiful and magical look. Recently, Bored Panda has compiled many photos showing the transformation caused by Winter to thirty places.

Here is the list of the photos of places that were transformed by Winter.

1. St Joseph Lighthouse, Michigan, USA

This lighthouse already looks very wonderful and when Winter came, it looks amazing!

Kevin Povenz,John Mccormick

2. Hamnøy, Norway

This looks like a very peaceful place may it be during Winter or other seasons.

Jacek Kadaj,Vadim Balakin

3. Lake Bled, Slovenia

This place could really be a good venue for movie making.

Reinhold Samonigg,Ales Krivec

4. The Historic Village Of Shirakawa-Gō, Japan

Wow! This place really looks very unique plus the beautiful houses.

663highland,Agustin Rafael Reyes

5. Yosemite National Park, California, USA

It seems that Winter turns the place into one with a magical look.


6. Lake Wanaka, New Zealand

Peace can really be felt in these photos.

Karen Plimmer,Terry Chuang

7. Natadera Temple, Komatsu, Japan

The Winter season has turned the temple into a more interesting place.

Pale Blue,Anderson Sato

8. Vilnius, Lithuania

Winter can really changed the view of the place.

Antanas Kairys,Laimonas Ciūnys

9. Landwasser Viaduct, Switzerland

Wow! This looks quite scary but interesting!

Eigenes Bild,Hotspot Media

10. Johannapark, Leipzig, Germany

May it be during Summer or Winter, this place looks really good.


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