30 Software Companies That Made Their Way To The Top, Eye-Catching Buildings

Science and Technology has brought the humanity into the world of gadgets. Click, swipe and tap are plebeian moves in the present generation. It is our key to an easier environment. Mostly, stores now sold the fastest gadgets for communication and most high-tech editions of computers. Desktop computers have turned into laptops then laptops into […]

Put Away That Phone For Some Time – Or be Like This – Must See For All

In today’s world, technology has really changed the way people like. Things went easier and more efficient. But, there are also bad effects and habits that have been developed. Many children often stay indoors and also adults just sticking in their gadget – smartphone, laptop, computer, and more. This really limits the “real world” relationships. […]

What Laser Hair Removal Looks Like In Slow Motion – Must See

People just wanted to look good and to feel good every time. That’s why, many will do anything just to achieve that. How? By investing to different beauty treatments and products. With the technology and advancements of today, many beauty products and ways have been used. For example, this advance laser hair removal treatment which […]

Robot Legs For PWD May Replace Wheelchairs In The Future – Take A Look

A company in New Zealand is currently working on to make robotic legs that is said to replace wheelchairs totally for PWDs’ mobility. Since most people having disabilities rely mostly on wheelchairs, having this kind of technology would be really helpful. Two engineers named Richard Little and Robert Irving initiated the project eight years ago. […]

Woman Discovers She Has 14 Children In 14 Different Men As Part of An Online Hoax – Unbelievable

In our digital world today, the influence of technology can really be felt in almost all aspects of your lives. In almost everywhere we look at today, there is a certain technology in there. The Internet really is one of the biggest technological influences we have today. With the ease of access to it, even […]

Fil-Am Becomes A Millionaire By Selling A Mobile App, Now Travels The World To Help Others – So Inspiring

Fil-Am Garret Gee, a 26-year-old family man who’s one of the masterminds of the mobile app Scan earns $54 million after selling it to the social media giant, Snapchat. Now, together with his family, they will be touring around the planet to help others change their lives. Even with the great abundance he earned, Gee […]

Sisters Borrow Phone From Mom And Does This Adorable Video – Just Lovely

Technology has been affecting the lives of people. And even children today have been into technology. Even young ones know how to operate these gadgets. That’s why, they can do things that will sometimes surprise people. Just like these sisters who borrowed the iPad of their mother at home. The 5-year-old one asked the help […]

Mind-Puzzling Optical Illusions That Will Surely Make You Look Twice Or More – Amazing

Photos can have millions of stories depending on the interpretation of the audience. Photos are pieces of the moments and memories being captured. But, with the technology that we have today, many software can now manipulate photos to create more artistic one’s. A photographer and artist named Erik Johansson have created different photos optical illusion […]

Epic Panorama Fails That You’ll Surely Laugh At (Or Even Feel Creepy With)

It’s really a great feeling capturing moments in our lives. With the help of a camera, we can now freeze time and preserve that certain memory forever, well, almost. No wonder there are lots of people who become interested with photography. Now, with our smartphone, it is really possible. Not mentioning the different effects and […]

He Cuts A Cardboard Box Then Transforms It Into A Private Theater Box – You Must Try This One

Since the revolution of smartphones, there are many things that have become easier and portable. I know you have a smartphone with you right now. Smartphones can function as a music player, video players, and a gaming console. Yes, there are so many things you can do with it. Loved watching movies? Now, you can […]

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