Robot Legs For PWD May Replace Wheelchairs In The Future – Take A Look

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A company in New Zealand is currently working on to make robotic legs that is said to replace wheelchairs totally for PWDs’ mobility.

Since most people having disabilities rely mostly on wheelchairs, having this kind of technology would be really helpful.

Two engineers named Richard Little and Robert Irving initiated the project eight years ago. The two were actually old school friends at the Fort William.

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But, Robert got diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a condition disables his walking capabilities and also affects the flow of information from the brain to certain body parts.

How To Use The Device

The device is strapped on the person’s legs. Then, it is controlled by a console wherein the user can either sit or walk. It is supported by an exoskeleton.

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According to Biotechlearn,

Rex Bionics, the company behind by the project, produces joystick-operated robotic exoskeletons for about $150 000 each, which enable a paralyzed wheelchair-bound person to stand up and walk unassisted. The company has developed two models:
• The REX 1 – a customized exoskeleton for personal use in the home and workplace.
• The REX 2 – an adjustable exoskeleton device for multiple users in rehabilitation clinics.

According to an article in GMA News Online, it says that “The prototype, while still somewhat slow and bulky, could be a step in offering persons with mobility impairment an alternative to the wheelchair.”

“It might also lower the possibility of reduced bone density from regularly sitting on a wheelchair,” the report added.

Now, one of the engineers in Rex Robotics named, Jarard Pearce, became the tester of the devices and the experiments. He has lost his legs 10 years ago.

Here’s a video on how the robot legs work.

Technology is really affecting the lives of people today. Hope that this project would be successful enough to help others.

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