30 Software Companies That Made Their Way To The Top, Eye-Catching Buildings

Science and Technology has brought the humanity into the world of gadgets. Click, swipe and tap are plebeian moves in the present generation. It is our key to an easier environment.

Mostly, stores now sold the fastest gadgets for communication and most high-tech editions of computers. Desktop computers have turned into laptops then laptops into netbooks and finally now we have the tablets which have features like those of the previously mentioned gadgets.

For a more efficient and effective use of these gadgets, we have now the amazing softwares that could help protect them or could make working in them easier and faster. Behind these softwares lie behind giant companies who works to make them possible. Aside from the their useful softwares, they have enormous buildings and offices.

Compiled by Rediff Business and Services Top 100, here are the 30 giant companies behind the softwares we enjoy.

1. Microsoft


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